Too long since the last.




So yes, it’s been way too long since I’ve written anything, let alone Arsenal related. I think after we beat Leicester at home, and then the disappointment that followed just kept me down mentally, and I was a blank as a writer. No longer writing for ABW or anywhere else for that matter. Continue reading


Shooting Blanks.




As the title suggests, things have been rather dull for us. Unless you live under a rock and haven’t heard, according to the many, our title chase is officially done. Leicester beating Man City last night leaves us 8 points back with the impending trip to Bournemouth ahead, we could cut it back to 5. Continue reading

Referees suck. And other statements.




As my new weekly blogging format continues, I’ve not got a specific day planned out. So as such, this is my first since prior to the Chelsea farce. Quite an annoying regular occurrence now against them. Either we get a player sent off or they get a penalty. Maybe in seasons past we haven’t been at their level, but this season, I think we have missed a trick by not heaping more misery on them by at least taking 4 points this time around.  Continue reading